Many possible problems, as well as denial of warranty repair of new natural wood furniture, you can easily avoid by simply studying this brief instruction on how to use and care for it.
    • Humidity control.
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The tree, although cut down and processed, still remains a “living” material. Just like a person, he needs optimal humidity for a long lifespan. This indicator should be in the range of 45 – 60%. High humidity can lead to swelling of the material, and dry air to its deformation. In any case, this makes it unusable, and in this case the guarantee does not apply to the furniture.
      • Temperature control.
This point is closely related to the previous one. The most common mistakes are when wooden furniture: a chest of drawers, a wardrobe or a bed is located near radiators, room heaters, radiators and even fireplaces. The optimal distance between them is at least 1 meter.
You can not put hot dishes directly on the wooden surface of the furniture – at least the paintwork will be damaged, at the maximum – the structure of the tree in this place will be broken. No less harmful is the use of vessels with cold liquids – condensate leaves marks and also damages the surface.
      • Mechanical damage.
When rearranging or moving, it is important to consider that wooden furniture is very heavy. It is highly undesirable to drag a heavy chest of drawers, a wardrobe (or a bed purchased at a discount) across the floor. It is necessary to disassemble them as much as possible to lighten the weight and then, carefully rearrange them. Otherwise, you may compromise the design of these products.
The most sensitive and fragile part of wooden furniture are fasteners. Therefore, it is important not to increase the load on them during transportation. When moving furniture, try to hold it by the strongest part. In no case should you take a cabinet or chest of drawers by the countertop and lift it up.
Next, let’s talk about cleaning.
It should be carried out regularly, using only special care products that do not contain abrasive materials to which wooden furniture is very sensitive.
      1. Dust is best wiped off using microfiber cloths. Due to their antistatic properties, they provide additional surface protection against the appearance of a new layer of dust. In this case, the fabric should not be wet, otherwise the surface will lose its luster.
      2. Polished elements can be rubbed with plush or flannel.
      3. Embossed surfaces are best cleaned with cellulose wipes, they delicately clean even the smallest details without leaving marks on their surface. In addition, it is cellulose wipes that are perfect for wet cleaning: they allow you to quickly wipe all surfaces dry and do not leave streaks.
      4. When cleaning, do not move objects placed on furniture, but rearrange them by lifting them and carefully wiping especially from below, as dust and dirt accumulating in these places over time can damage the surface.
We remove stains.
To remove stains, we do not recommend using chemicals that destroy the surface of wooden furniture. Below we have collected various life hacks for removing stains, but before using them, we strongly RECOMMEND that you first try the chosen method on a small area in an inconspicuous place.
– Traces of hot objects on the polished surface are removed with a mixture of alcohol and vegetable oil in a ratio of 1:1. It is rubbed over the surface until the spots disappear. The second way: use a piece of paraffin with wax. After rubbing it into the stain, take a not very hot iron and iron this place through blotting paper.
– Traces of greasy fingers are well removed with talcum powder.
– Small damages (scratches) can be painted over with a weak solution of iodine
Knowing these simple rules, you can extend the life of your wooden bedroom for decades. Use on health!

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