What are the unique advantages of “ITALCONCEPT” Trademark products?
1) You can choose the color combinations that suit you not only from a dozen standard samples, but also choose the appropriate range from the RAL color catalog or provide your own sample.
And most importantly: we do not have an extra charge for white color, unlike many other manufacturers!
2) In elements that require decoration with fabric, your or your designer’s imagination may not be constrained by anything except, perhaps, the presence of a similar color in Ukraine.
3) If any of the furniture elements does not suit you in size, we are ready to make it in an individual version (if it is technically possible).
4) We equip pull-out drawers of bedside tables, chests of drawers, etc. hidden mounting brackets, and we also optionally make filling from plywood.
5) You purchase furniture made of solid ash wood and natural oak veneer. These materials compare favorably with cheaper ones:
durability (hardness, resistance to biological impact);
environmental friendliness (no smell, used for making dishes);
wear resistance (high impact strength, ability to hold fasteners);
All these properties are perfectly described in the scientific article of the Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Wood Science of the Moscow State Forest University Galkin V. P. Link.
Ash is renowned for its strength due to the straight grain structure of the wood itself. In addition, its structure gives the products an original and aesthetically attractive appearance.
структура ясеня Афина Италконцепт мебель свойства
Solid ash furniture is most often used for the manufacture of furniture in the bedroom. And besides practical considerations, this tradition has a long history. Since ancient times, it has been believed that ash has positive energy, promotes relaxation and calm, creating a harmonious atmosphere in the room.
Its bark, leaves and fruits are widely used in folk medicine.
If you want to delve into the historical mythology associated with the ash tree, you can find out that, along with the mighty oak, this tree has protective properties and, like the oak, it was treated with deep respect. Planted in the yard – ash cleans the space around, keeping negative vibrations out. Due to this, the Lithuanians, for example, called it the tree of the righteous, believing that it is under its shadow that the Gods gather, descending to earth. And in Scandinavian mythology, the Gods Odin, Willy and Ve created a man from an ash tree, and a woman from an alder tree.
But no matter what we believe in, in folk legends or science, the fact remains – you will not find the best material in terms of price-quality ratio in our latitudes.